Roofing Road Trips Podcast

roofing road trips podcast

Roofing Road Trips Podcast Thank you to Megan Ellsworth at Roofing Road Trips for inviting our co-owner, Brooke Laizure on your podcast. To listen to more roofing podcasts, visit Roofers Coffee Shop on Spotify or their YouTube Channel. Meet Beacon’s 2024 Female Roofing Professional of the Year In this episode of Roofing Road Trips®, Megan […]

Protect Your Roof: 10 Essential Safety Tips for Fireworks Season

As fireworks season approaches, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your home, including your roof. While fireworks are a source of joy and celebration, they also pose significant risks, particularly to rooftops. Whether you’re hosting a backyard fireworks show or enjoying the displays from a distance, here are some essential roof safety tips to […]

Brooke Laizure Named as Top 5 Finalist – Female Roofing Professional of the Year 2024

BROOKE LAIZURE has been named as a Top 5 finalist for Female Roofing Professional of the Year 2024, a contest that recognizes distinguished women for their work in the roofing industry. The contest is sponsored by Beacon Building Products, the largest publicly traded distributor of roofing materials and complementary building products in the United States […]

Eco-friendly, Sustainable Roofing Products

Feel Good About Your Home with Sustainable Roofing Products and Solar Attic Vents 70% of homeowners value sustainable roofing and want eco-friendly products, according to a 3M Homeowners Study. Whirlwind Roofing and Construction is proud to offer eco-friendly, sustainable roofing products and solar attic vents for your home. Unlike standard roofing shingles, sustainable roofing shingles […]

18 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Tulsa, OK

tips for hiring a roofing contractor in Tulsa OK

Does Your Tulsa Roofing Contractor Measure Up? 18 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Tulsa, OK Storm season brings wind and hail, but also brings storm chasing roofing companies from other states. It also brings an influx of brand-new roofing companies that may not have the professional credentials to do the necessary work for […]

Brooke Laizure Named NWiR – OK Chairperson

Brooke Laizure has been elected 2024 Chairperson for National Women in Roofing – Oklahoma Chapter. National Women in Roofing (NWiR) is a volunteer-based organization that supports and advances the careers of women roofing professionals. Laizure is the co-owner of Whirlwind Roofing and Construction, a local family-owned roofing contractor based in Bixby, Oklahoma. The company specializes in […]

Malarkey Shingles Soda Cannon Impact Test

Soda Can Test

Here’s another reason why we love Malarkey Roofing Products. You may not have 12 oz cans of soda thrown at your roof at 100 mph, but it will do a number on Oklahoma hail! Call us at 918-366-3341 to see how you can lower your insurance deductible and protect your home with our preferred impact […]

“Free Roof” Programs

Free Roof Scam

It’s storm season and there are a lot of roofing companies offering “hail specials” and “free roof programs.” Essentially, these companies offer to absorb your insurance deductible by overcharging the insurance company. It was once a common practice but is now illegal in many states. Time Out Before you get stuck signing a contract, please […]

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornado Safety Tips

In Oklahoma, it’s common to hear the tornado siren, go outside and sit on the porch and look for a funnel. As Tulsans, we get it. We have done the same. It’s such a common occurrence, we have become immune to the power and destruction these winds can create. But after seeing a disaster up […]