Roof Upgrades

From high-impact shingles that reduce your insurance premium, to continuous ridge vents and synthetic underlayment to protect your new investment, we can help you choose the upgrade that is right for you.

Copper Bella Roof Finials

Add a touch of class to your roof by installing Copper Bella finials. At a fraction of the cost of copper sheet products, Copper Bella has taken a familiar automotive technology and has applied it to the home improvement and construction industry.

Copper Bella electroplates 99.9% alloy free copper onto highly weatherable, extremely durable engineering thermoplastic. This process makes the finial durable and beautiful. Copper Bella finials include a 5-year Limited Warranty by the manufacturer.

You can expect Copper Bella products to patina at the same rate to a beautiful bronze, or verdigris, depending on the atmosphere where it is installed. It is extremely tough and resilient. Hail will not dent it.

Choose from classic shiny copper, bronze metallic, or add a verdigris finish.

High Impact Shingles

Upgrade to a high impact 40-yr shingle and save 25% to 40% on your insurance premiums.

Continuous Ridge Vents

Lets the hot air escape from your attic everywhere instead of a few focal points and is aesthetically pleasing.

Synthetic Underlayment

Using a synthetic underlayment instead of felt offers a smoother looking roof and doesn’t rip, tear, or absorb water like felt paper. It has a 40-yr shelf life and is a second line of defense in case rain does get past your shingles.

Ice and Water Shield

Is a permanent, self-healing membrane applied directly to your decking for potential problems areas such as valleys, dormer windows, pipe jacks, and around chimneys.

Metal Drip Edge

Protects your roof edge and helps prevent fascia rot.

Gutter Screens and Helmets

Add gutter screens or gutter helmets to keep leaves and other tree debris from clogging your gutters.

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