Brick Chimney Leak Problems

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What’s wrong with the picture above?

It’s obvious this home has multiple problems. The chimney doesn’t have a cap and the homeowner has added a piece of plywood to keep out the rain and birds. The vines growing from the ground have followed the chimney bricks upward through the attic and out the roof. Sadly, the poor plant was only searching for sunlight. And it found it, due to the lack of improperly installed or lack of step flashing.

Metal step flashing goes in between each shingle along the chimney wall to keep water from leaking through. The upward portion of the step flashing is covered by skirt flashing and is usually ground into the mortar and bricks with a grinder to keep water from running behind the step flashing and shingles and into your home. It may be necessary to custom manufacture metal tops, bottoms, and around corners to fit various roof angles.

This photo shows the proper installation of skirt flashing over the top of the step flashing that is underneath and in between each shingle along the chimney wall.




This photo shows a custom manufactured metal cricket behind the chimney. A cricket is a manufactured gable behind the chimney to divert water around the chimney for proper drainage. Without a cricket, leaf debris and sticks would accumulate behind the chimney causing potential leaks and destructive ice damming.



Whirlwind Roofing takes pride in making sure your roof is protected as if it were our own. Call us if we can be of service to you.

Dave Laizure

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